"Rothschild- Cadets for local government" is a unique program aimed at enhancing local government in Israel, by grooming and training a leadership group for professional management in municipal arenas. The program is intended for talented, highly motivated young adults who aspire to combine academic excellence with social leadership to enhance the quality if local government in Israel, focusing on social and geographical periphery. By doing so, gaps and disparities characterizing Israeli society and economy may be bridged.

The program exits thanks to the implementation of the government decision "Atudot LeYisrael" (Reserves for Israel) - strategic plan to enhance the work force reserves for public service. The program's target is developing human capital, a reserve of future leaders for public service based on the understanding that only change- initiating leaders, who believe in a culture of partnerships, possess an inclusive point of view, and long-term thinking can lead Israel to deal with its core issues. Cadets for local government is a unique program operated in partnership with Ministry of Interior affairs, Ministry of Treasure, Ministry of Education, Center for Local Government, Center of Local Authorities and National Lottery (MIfal HaPayis), all who've identified the need for enhancing human capital in local authorities in Israel's periphery.

Each year, 25-30 candidates complete the recruitment process ad join as cadets in one of the program tracks. Most are from the periphery and have been accepted to academic studies in participating HEI. Cadets enjoy a full academic scholarship, monthly living scholarship, a top- quality training program and job placement upon completion of training.

The training program lasts 3 years for those studying for BA in Education in Oranim College, or 2 years for those studying for MA in Haifa Uni. or Technion. While in the program, cadets combine full time academic schedule. The training program includes seminars and workshops, meeting with key figures in Israel various government agencies, academic tour abroad and practical experience in local authorities. Upon completion of the training program, cadets are obligated to work in key positions in local authorities or community centers, which have been specifically chosen for the duration of 4 years.

Participating HEI and study tracks:

BA, Oranim College: Informal education & social studies (major), Public policy (minor)

MA Haifa University: Public administration and policy with local government management track

MA Technion: City and regions planning


  • Full scholarship
  • Living scholarship
  • Unique training program
  • Job placement (cadets are placed in key positions in local authorities for 4 years)
  • Partnering in an influential and meaningful Peer Network

Program requirements:

  • Admission to relevant academic degree
  • Filling out online registration form
  • CBT test
  • Participating and successful completion of evaluation center
  • Personal interview