Dare to See Things Differently

“Switch Day” is a national initiative of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation
and the Rothschild Partnerships, during which hundreds of people all over
the country, in similar positions and jobs, but from different “tribes”, as President Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin calls the diverse groupings in Israel,
switch with a partner from a different tribe for the day.

Secular Jews, Arabs, ultra-Orthodox and religious, academicians,
artists and writers, administrators and managers, engineers,
students, teenagers, and a host of other people in various positions and jobs,
will exchange positions for one day, just to see what would happen if ….

Come and get to know, up close and personal, the people from a neighboring
and different community: what they do every day,
their daily challenges, in a personal meeting that is so very Israeli.

Regisration closed

See You! May 29, 2019.

The sky’s the limit, and every idea for an exchange of places is welcome. Even if you don’t know who, what or how, write to us, and together we’ll find you the appropriate partner with whom to switch.

See how much fun we had last year

I want to switch with someone, too!

Add me to the exchanges
of National Switch Day,
which will take place on
Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

The sky’s the limit, and every idea for an exchange of places is welcome. Even if you don’t know who, what or how, write to us, and together we’ll find you the appropriate partner with whom to switch.

See how much fun we had last year

Each and every one should have an equal opportunity to influence, to succeed, and to realize their potential, regardless of gender, geography, ethnicity, culture or religion.

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation and the Rothschild Partnerships invite you to challenge your ideas and perspectives, and re-examine them, this time from a place in which you can dare to see things a little differently, from an entirely different angle.

How does it work?

On Switch Day, every participant will observe a daily, professional situation from someone else’s perspective.

All of us will see the same things, but from a different point of view, and we’ll come one step closer to understanding. The human and cultural mosaic that forms our society is extraordinary, and fertile ground for creativity, initiative, entrepreneurship, excellence and cooperation.

Who are we?

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation works to create a better Israeli society, by promoting higher education for a greater number of youngsters from diverse backgrounds and social commitment. As part of a tradition going back 130 years, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation leads with a philanthropic vision focused on a united society, reducing social disparities, promoting excellence, diversity, and leadership via higher education.

The Edmond de Rothschild Partnerships work to develop a future cadre of young leaders, primarily from the socio-geographic periphery, who will take on positions of influence and impact in Israeli society. These young leaders will work to advance equal opportunities and to build a shared society, from a platform of cooperation and joint initiatives.


The exchange can be implemented on a number of different tracks:

Head to Head  – A person in a position from one tribe switches with someone who holds a similar position in another tribe.

Art – A group of artists or a dance troupe from one tribe runs a workshop with a group of artists or dance troupe from a different tribe.

Sports – Individual athletes from the various tribes, or a team, will meet other athletes or a team, for a discussion, practice or game together.

Group – A group of people from one place of work, from one tribe, switches with those from another tribe, or is hosted by another place of work in another tribe.

The “switcher” – Fill out the questionnaire on this page, and clear your work day on May 29, 2019. Then choose someone from your organization who will work with the person switching with you, orienting and guiding him/her through the work day. After you’ve switched, you’ll participate in a summary discussion and complete a short feedback form.

The host/guide in your organization – Host the “switcher”, introduce her/him to others in the organization, and document the activities during the day/the switch — pictures and short videos are welcome.

The involvement of Rothschild program participants is based on the field of interest, your desire to switch with someone else, or a desire to get to know someone who you think is interested in switching.

In the event that you want to participate, contact the coordinator of the switches, and provide the following information: What program are you in? What tribe are you a member of? What do you do? The contact information for the switches coordinator can be obtained from your program’s coordinators or directors.

The four tribes are derived from the four educational system in Israel: ultra-Orthodox, religious public schools, Arab public schools and secular public schools. We are an educational organization, and naturally use these designations.

If you already have an idea about switching that you want to implement, and you want to get our material with ideas, suggestions and tips, please complete the second part of the registration box, with the details of the person with whom you want to switch, and we’ll contact both of you and send you both the information and details.

If you have additional questions, please leave your details or write to us at:

If you've gotten this far, it's a sign that your place is with us!

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