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The Rothschild Partnerships Vision

An Israeli society in which everyone has an equal opportunity to influence, to succeed and to self-realize regardless of gender, origin, ethnicity, culture or religion, and which constitutes a sustainable model for sharing equally in Israeli society.

About Us


It is a fundamental fact that Israel’s society is a mosaic of identities, cultures, beliefs and ethnicities.  The people who make up this mosaic share the same space and must find the way to live in it together.

This is a complex, challenging mission, especially due to the increased polarization during recent years of the gaps among the various groups in Israeli society.  Together with this phenomenon, the social gaps and lack of equal opportunity are also expanding.  These gaps are among the highest in developed countries, and only serve to deepen the schisms further, creating an atmosphere of alienation which in turns creates increasing difficulty in reaching a consensus.

We at Rothschild Partnerships believe this mosaic is a prized opening for enrichment, learning, creating and building, in real time, a model that develops the fabric of a vibrant, dynamic life which in turn reshapes differences and sharing into a healthy advanced society where the shared good is empowered.

A necessary condition for realizing this vision is to ensure equal opportunity for success at the personal level for every individual in Israel’s society, while realizing each person’s culture, ideology and needs.

This is why we choose to focus our efforts on nurturing leading young individuals primarily in the socio-geographic peripheries.  Our activities aim to assist them in developing social perceptions and provide them with tools that enable them to integrate in impactful positions in Israeli society, operating to promote equal opportunity, and structure a shared society based on solidarity and mutual respect.

We view these young people as pioneers who seek to influence the reality of Israel’s life in the 21st century.  , Investing in this group produces the best avenues for realizing the vision of equal opportunity and shared living.  Our approach serves as the basis for defining our perception of the focal issues, our vision, and our objectives.

The challenge:  an absence of equal opportunity, influenced by narrow perspectives and the disparities in Israeli society, and further exacerbating them.

The vision: an Israeli society in which every individual has an equal opportunity to influence, succeed and self-realize regardless of gender, origin, ethnicity, culture or religion, and which constitutes a sustainable model for shared living.

Objective:  establishing a pool of young leaders, primarily from the socio-geographic periphery, who will successfully integrate into positions of influence in Israeli society.

These young individuals will work to promote equal opportunity and structure a shared society through the platform of cooperation and shared initiative. 

In seeking to realize our objective, the following values are our guiding principles:

Equal opportunities, constant learning, innovation, responsibility and partnership.

About RP

Rothschild Partnerships, established in 2016, acts to reduce disparity in Israeli society and provide opportunities to youth from socio-geographic peripheries.  The organization was set up to create one roof for youth and young adult leadership programs.

We believe that investing in this population, with emphasis on appropriate representation from the socio-geographic peripheries, will strongly impact Israel’s social climate and create a more equal and balanced society benefitting all its members.  We advocate for the values of equal opportunity, ongoing learning, innovation, responsibility and partnership.  These are the values that guide our work with participants of our various programs.

Our efforts are fully invested in the personal and professional development of program participants.  The programs integrate knowledge, awareness and social activism with personal, academic and career development.

Rothschild Partnerships, seeking to actualize these tools and translate them into in the field, operates with a national spread, in groups representing Israeli society’s diversity, as the organization works to promote equality in resources and opportunity.

Rothschild  Partnerships Administrative Board

Barak Dror Wanderman – Chairman
Miki Kliger – Vice Chairman of The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation
Elli Booch – Director of Philanthropy, The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation

Tal Sagi – Adv. – Managing Director, The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation

Eilam Kott – Owner, Isra-Connext
Dalia Fadila – Director of Al-Qasemi College for Science and Engineering in Baka al-Garbiyyeh 
Sara Rosenfeld – Director Gvanim Center

Our Team

Anat Nehemia Lavee


Maccabi Eliyahu

Finance and Operations Manager

Ahmad Mwassi

Arab society Director

Hadar Brod Gdalia

Rothschild Ambassadors Director

Reut Weksler

Cadets Director

Bosmat Lavi

Head of Alumni

Shira Ohana

Kav HaZinuk Director

Galia Shoshani

Content and Training Director

Nani Haneman

Masar Director