Meet the Mentor: Boaz Hashavia, co CEO Rashim

We caught up with Boaz, or as his late father affectionately called him, Bazooka, for a snatched exchange.

Although Boaz Hashavia is a joint CEO of “Rashim Information Systems”, a company developing platforms for management of academic institutions and training organizations, he makes time to be a mentor in the RCP program.

So, Boaz, mentoring: why?

The professional and business world is becoming more complex by the day.  We’ve got young folk thirsting to learn insights from the “wise old tribesmen.”  If you love people, you’ll always find that perfect moment to share the knowledge you’ve accrued.  The mentoring process revealed worlds of content I wouldn’t otherwise have encountered.

What’s the phrase that’s with you day by day?

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Our sages say that the shy person does not learn.  Conclusion: don’t be ashamed to ask, to delve, even if the answer ends up being trivial.

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