Meet Evyater Edri: Rothschild Ambassdors alumni

Meet Evyatar Edri, a graduate of Oranim Unit Course 3.  Evyatar, 30, lives in Kibbutz Tel Katzir and gives the impression there’s no shortage of things to keep him busy.

Evyatar, hey, so where are you currently from the professional perspective?

I’m a history teacher at the Beit Yare’akh Senior High, and a 9th Grade educator.  In addition, I’m an assistant tutor for Dr. Amiran Ezov at Oranim College.  I’m also a musician with a band ( ) performing locally and internationally.  But my main source of income comes from my business, Fuzz Designs Promotion and Marketing with innovative media and graphic design studio.  I’m also the social media manager at the advertising agency OK-Studio.

Never a dull moment.  Do you think that RCP impacted your professional choices?

Without a doubt the program significantly influenced my professional choices and career.  Firstly, I came to my work at Beit Yare’akh because of the cooperation between the high school and our unit.   Beit Yare’akh is one of the schools which adopted the Oranim Unit’s initiative: “Klototti” (Take me in) which seeks to regulate the assimilation process of new teachers in schools.

In my past I served as a coordinator for initiatives and later, and to date, as this initiative’s manager.  The frequent communication with high school principals, participation of think tank teams, inviting them to lecture to the unit, and of course ongoing work within the initiative’s framework led me to developing esteem and close professional ties.  Even before beginning my internship, I received an offer of a full time position with Beit Yare’akh but I’d already committed to another high school which had also been a partner in the initiative.  After lengthy deliberation, I chose Beit Yare’akh because of personal considerations, but there is no doubt that the initiative had a determining impact on my ability to integrate into the work force!  It was the outcome of long term cooperation with the administrative layer in each school.

How did you get from “Klototti” to social media?

In my first year as an Ambassador, I asked to be a “media ambassador.”  I gained training that equipped me with the tools to enter the world of advertising and marketing.  In the third year I took advantage of the organization’s “Social Academy” program and went for social media manager training, which contributed hugely to my capabilities.  With these tools and the knowledge I’d accrued, I set up the company to promote and market new media.  It specializes in social network advertising: Fuzz Designs.  Even though, theoretically, I had no professional training in that field, the advertising offices I currently work in approached me back then.  A lot of that had to with my résumé, and my proven experience in the field.  Actually, the organization exposed me to leaders in the industry and in my field of activity, while simultaneously providing tools and competencies, which helped me create important networking connections.

Are you still involved with social activism?

Of course!  Currently I manage the Klototti initiative, which assists assimilation of new teachers in schools.

Tell us a bit more about that enterprise…

It’s the result of cooperation with Rothschild Ambassadors from the Oranim unit, the Oranim College for Academic Education, and the Ministry of Education’s Division of Specialization and Entry into Teaching in the Teachers’ Administration.  Based on the conclusions and insights of the Oranim unit’s learning program, which surveyed 400 teachers in 14 schools, its purpose was to institutionalize the assimilation process of teachers in various schools by applying a uniform plan.  The initiative was consolidated by   involved think tank teams from diverse fields.  These teams processed the vast amount of information, then refined its ideas and methods for regulating the assimilation process.  Those were then structured into an organized, detailed and consolidated assimilation model which emphasized applicability and elements of sustainability, independence and flexibility, based on the wish to make it accessible to a large number of diverse frameworks.

At the outset, the initiative was adopted successfully as a pilot of limited scope in two schools: the Kadoorie Agricultural School, and Beit Yare’akh High School.  Since then and to date, the initiative has continued operating with the full cooperation of the Division of Specialization and Entry into Teaching, which is currently busy on updating the CEO’s circular in light of our initiative’s insights.

I believe that “Klototti” will become an inseparable part of the Ministry of Education’s assimilation program: the Ministry is influenced by it, draws from it, and simultaneously enriches it and grants it new dimensions.  The initiative has been awarded two prestigious prizes: the Ministry of Education’s Prize for Optimal Assimilation, and the Recanati-Kop-Rashi Prize.

Let’s talk about prizes, indeed!

In May 2016 we were informed that Beit Yare’akh had been awarded the Ministry of Education’s Division of Specialization and Entry into Teaching Optimal Assimilation Prize.  We received a Certificate of Excellence, and a monetary grant which was used to benefit new teachers.

In September 2016 I received the Recanati-Kop-Rashi Award of Merit for my involvement in the initiative.  The prize was awarded at a celebratory ceremony attended by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Affairs senior functionaries, and other VIPs from the business and public sectors as well as Knesset members.

How would you summarize your track in the Rothschild Ambassadors program?

Without a doubt, the years i spent in RCP gave me a lot.  I came to contribute, but was contributed to!  Beyond the great pleasure, the even greater education and the friends for life that I made there, I was fortunate to receive this huge leap forward in my professional life after being in the academic world.  I gained tools, competencies, experience, and developed networking contacts with senior members in the world of education, employment and career.

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