Meet Eran Bressler: Rothschild Ambassadors group coordinator

Eran Bressler was not a Rothschild Ambassador.  That didn’t prevent him from joining the organization as a group coordinator of the Haifa University’s third course, between 2012 to 2014.  Immediately afterwards, in 2015, he continued as the northern region’s facilitation coordinator.

Eran, as a group coordinator, you had an opportunity to watch the program’s activities from a bird’s eye stance.  What value does it provide the ambassador?

The time spent in the organization enables each ambassador to closely examine her or his wishes and skills.  Optimize this time to understand your point of encounter between talent and passion.

Where are you currently vis-à-vis your professional life?

I manage the youth unit at the Leo Baeck Education Center in Haifa.  The unit is comprised of some 700 students from Grades 7 to 9 inclusive.  During my time with the Rothschild Ambassador program, my feeling that I wanted to work in education and its processes was strengthened.  Fortunately, I received a mentor who was the principal of a large school in Haifa, and through him was exposed to this world.  Our meetings reinforced my realization that education is where I want to develop my professional career.  That year was the first I entered the classroom in order to teach, and advanced over time to my current position.

And what about social doing?

In addition to my work in education, I volunteer as head of the Scouts in the Carmel Tzarfati neighborhood – the “Magshim” (Actualization) troop.

And is there a quote that you always have in mind?

Ken Robinson talks about the best place for anyone as being where passion meets talent.  I really believe in that.



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