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The Mentoring Program

The Rothschild  Partnerships Mentoring Program connects top level individuals from the world of employment with program participants as a way of providing the young participants with knowledge, support and experience when facing challenges sourced in professional and personal spheres.


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a connection that creates interpersonal dialogue based on sharing and learning.  The mentor assists the mentee, the young program participant starting out in life, by sharing values, knowhow, experience and tools accrued by the mentor.  The act of sharing inspires, motivates to action, and supports the mentee in advancing in her or his personal and professional development.  Dialogue of this kind invites mutual growth, enrichment and activism for both the mentor and the mentee.

Mentors Forum

The Rothschild  Partnerships Mentors Forum numbers 120 individuals, in senior positions in a vast array of fields, who have been chosen to participant in RCP programs based on their rick experience at both the personal and professional levels.  Every mentor is in the program voluntarily, based on their social perception of community as a place of sharing, their wish to nurture the future generation, and their love of people. 

For the mentor, too, this is an opportunity to share life experience.  Mentoring offers a chance to learn from the younger generation, and share experiences.  Every young program participant is allocated a mentor from the mentors forum, based on the participant’s preferences.

During the years in which the program has been operating, many success stories have come to light.  Mentees, young and just starting out in life, note the significant orientation they received, the social connections which last through the years long after graduating the program, and even job offers made by the mentors themselves, or found through their assistance.  Without a doubt, mentoring is one of the most valuable opportunities currently offered to the young program participants, and a springboard of immeasurable benefit as the younger generation enters adult life.

Our Team

Avner Gazit

Mentoring Program manager