Kav HaZinuk

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

“Kav Hazinuk” has been operating for more than a decade identifying, training and mentoring future leaders towards an ethical, diverse, breakthrough society.  Using a one-of-its-kind depth model, we promote a network of change initiators, young people who challenge attitudes and modes of action which increase social disparity in Israel and which distance them from the reality of shared good. 

We put our faith in the ability of these talented young people who are concerned for, and care about, bringing change to the world.


Kav Hazinuk operates in four geographic areas:  Upper Galilee, Western Galilee, Greater Dan, the Negev.

We facilitate more than 500 young individuals aged 15 to 25 through three stages:

Stage 1          10th grade to end of high school.  Starting out, participants’ personal and social identities are reinforced and developed through diverse experiences, leadership capabilities, and critical social awareness.  Stage 1 includes participation in weekly group and personal meetings and in field seminars with the group coordinator.

In the first year of the program, participants are exposed to innovative leadership models, the power derived from meeting others, experiencing the group space, and extending personal boundaries. 

In the second year participants learn about and experience, the world of social enterprise.  In an advanced and unique entrepreneurial greenhouse, participants initiate and develop enterprises which address social / community needs they have identified, and which have the power to change the reality in which they live.

In the program’s third year, participants delve further into social awareness and experience meaningful activism.  Emphasis is also placed during this stage on planning a life track to follow the completion of high school, preparing for the frameworks they will join.

Stage 2           During their military or national or civic service, and during their period of academic studies, participants are facilitated as they develop at the personal level and in areas of social impact.  This facilitation takes the form of a personal mentor and training to deepen social awareness, activism and the ability to lead.  Participants are mentored by professionals who are socially active.  At this stage, participants integrate into KHZ’s national network.

Stage 3           Academia and career development: the program continues accompanying participants in planning their lives based on their personal goals.  The program offers several tracks for personal and professional development, for applying the tools they gained in the program, for actualizing program values in their real time lives, for reducing disparities, and for striving towards the common good. 

Tracks include the Lighthouse (“Migdalor”), our entrepreneurial scholars’ program, individual facilitation, practical work in social organization partners, mentoring, training, and more.  This is the participants’ chance to be change initiators in whichever frameworks they choose to continue.  The program devotes extensive effort in providing Stage 3 participants with a support network and liaison links to ensure their success.

Rothschild Caesarea Partnerships first course of graduates, starting out in 2002, successfully completed the program in 2012.  These graduates can now be found in diverse and impressive roles..  Ori works as a parliamentarian attaché, Natalie is a student in the honors program at Tel Aviv University and is a captain in the IDF’s cutting edge 8200 technological unit, Lubna is a medical student who established a campus initiative in which Arabs teach Arabic to Jews, Ron is interning in a parliamentarian’s bureau, Efrat has integrated into the civil servants cadets program, Shira and Einat both slotted into managerial roles in the program and continue shaping the next generation of program ambassadors.  These graduates are testimony to the fact that their achievements are proof that goals set much earlier can be realized, and have impact on how their lives keep shaping.

Our Team

Inbal Foox

Head Of Training & Content

Shira Bracha

Western Galilee Region manager

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