Rothschild Ambassadors

Rothschild Ambassadors is a program involved in the development of personal and social excellence in students from socio-geographic peripheries.  The program facilitates and trains the generation of future leaders in Israel in the following areas:





Rothschild Ambassadors – the next generation of Israel’s leaders

Rothschild Ambassadors was established by the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation in 2010 as its flagship program.  RCF promotes philanthropy and social activism in areas of higher education, a significant springboard into the work force.  Beyond gaining professional knowledge, the academic study experience allows exposure to diverse individuals from varied backgrounds, particularly in Israel.

The uniqueness of the Rothschild Ambassadors program lies in its integration between the areas of knowledge, awareness, social activism and social leadership, and the parallel processes of personal, academic and career development.  With its ongoing learning and innovation, the program sets high standards for its Ambassadors.  The program’s expansive perspective deepens lateral partnerships through its Social Practicum framework, a unique model for activism in social organizations; and by encouraging the creation of social enterprises having a broad community impact.

Rothschild Ambassadors operate in ten institutions of higher education with a national spread:

Haifa University

Tel Hai College

Oranim College

Ben Gurion University

Sapir College

The Tel Aviv Yaffo Academic College – Interdisciplinary Center

Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Ort Braude College

Sami Shimon College

Goals of the Rothschild Ambassadors program

  • Training, mentoring and networking of youth from socio-geographic peripheries
  • Development through personal, academic and career facilitation
  • Development of knowledge, awareness, activism, social entrepreneurship and social leadership
  • Creating, developing and facilitating a national network of leader graduates for key positions
  • Shaping, developing and facilitating a national network of leader graduates in areas of social enterprise

The Rothschild Ambassadors program is the leading innovative body for the populations of youth, young adult students and scholar program students.


75% of program graduates are employed in areas appropriate to their field of studies and personal aspirations

3% dropout rate compared to 20% dropout rate for general population

43% of graduates are in advanced degree programs (MA, PhD)

63% of graduates are involved in social activism

Registration for the 2017-18 (5778) academic year:  15 May 2017 to 15 June 2017

Please visit us during this time frame to submit your candidacy

Our Team

Efrat Rosen Zaken

Rothschild Ambassadors Director

Hadar Gdalia

Center Region manager

Mali Gispan

South Region manager

Geffen Luz

Social Practicum coordinator

Nani Hanneman

North Region manager

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